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Viance’s DCOI based UltraPole NXT formulation is an environmentally-advanced and thoroughly tested preservation system, offering electric utilities a high performance, durable pole with minimal environmental impact.


DCOI (4,5-Dicholor-2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3- one), the active ingredient in UltraPole NXT is an extremely effective wood preservative with over 28 years of field data that is standardized by AWPA and has been added to the RUS specification and is awaiting final approval.


Long-Term Efficacy Combined with Low Environmental Impact

• The UltraPole NXT pole is treated with an oil-borne preservative which gives it all the benefits of the Penta treated pole such as climbability, similar electrical resistance, and low corrosion to hardware. Pole hardware that is suitable for Penta and CCA poles is also suitable for UltraPole NXT poles.

• DCOI, the active ingredient in UltraPole NXT, is not a Restricted Use Pesticide which means, among other benefits, that it is safe enough to be used by the general public without a Pesticide Applicator’s License. DCOI is non-persistent in soil and breaks down readily into harmless compounds.

• DCOI treated poles contain no dioxins, furans, PAH’s, or heavy metals such as copper, arsenic, or zinc. DCOI is not a Persistent Organic Pollutant.

• The effectiveness of DCOI at lower retentions translates into less chemicals overall in the environment.

• UltraPole NXT treated poles have low to no odor.

• DCOI is also used in Ecolife, one of the most popular and environmentally-advanced preservatives used in decks across America.

• UltraPole NXT uses less energy, fossil fuels, and water to produce; with lower ecotoxicity than other materials used in poles.

• The UltraPole NXT pole has a wider range of disposal options at end of life.

• UltraPole NXT is the only oil-borne preservative treated pole with a 50-year limited warranty.

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